We Guarantee Smaller Groups & No Young Children!
Let Black Cat Tours show you how, and why.
with Rebel Sinclair
with Mark R. Jones
***** Excellent.
Rebel is a great story teller. She is knowledgable about the area and keeps you
entertained. Much better than other tours I have taken in Charleston. --

***** Loved It!
Excellent tour. Loved the stories and the history. Our 13 year old
son said he thought it was really interesting and was anxious to get a book that
was talked about. --

*****Absolutely Two Thumbs Up!
I have been a local for almost 18 years but arranged to get tickets for a ghost
tour for my sister & niece visiting from up-state. We found Rebel extremely
passionate on all accounts, the ghost stories were intriguing but she wrapped in
Charleston history as well which was a plus! She explained she & her husband
keep the groups small & like many tours I have had in the past she did not rush
through & took her time. My sister & niece had a wonderful time & I highly
recommend Black Cat to anyone wanting a well organized, & knowledgeable
account of ghost stories & local Low Country history!
  -- K Mitchell

***** A Fun and Spooky Tour for all ages

The guide was very knowledgeable about not only the ghosts and hauntings of
Charleston but also about the history of the area. She had pictures to show us to
support the stories she told and often quoted literature and famous figures
during the tour. She was enthusiastic and dramatic! The group was small which
created a cozy atmosphere and allowed the group to better interact and ask
questions. We even had something spooky happen during the tour! I would
definitely recommend this tour!
- Schroeder family

***** Recommended
A group of 6 older adults (55-62) went on the "Haunted Charleston" tour, led by
Rebel Sinclair. Another couple joined as well so we were a tour of 8 total. I liked
the smaller, more intimate group. I also appreciated that there were no children.

Rebel was a wonderful, engaging, knowledgeable, friendly, receptive tour guide.
You probably could do no better. We all enjoyed our tour and felt that we
received lots of interesting information, historical and otherwise. Rebel delved
into a number of "fringe" subjects as well; from EVP to UFOs and from the "Face
on Mars." to alternative human history. I enjoy that kind of thing so it was all a lot
of fun for me. Also, she solicited our personal stories of strange occurrences so
it was fun to share with this group and hear the stories of others as well!
*****  Great tour!

We decided to take this tour because it is different than all the other ghost and
walking tours and we figured that we would learn something new that was not part
of the typical ghost story that is so prevalent in old cities like Charleston. Mark is
an especially enthusiastic and knowledgable guide who clearly loves his city and
has spent much time researching some of the more grittier stories of Charleston's
We definitely recommend this tour!   -- AJ Kozinsky

***** Enjoyed this alternative to ghost tour

This tour is rich in anecdotal history. The tour guide is a local historian with
entertaining stories of Charleston's sinful side. It is a good way to get a taste of
Charleston's historic district. Two thumbs up!
-- H. Holzen

***** Date Night  

The tour was awesome! Our tour guide was friendly, funny, and personable. My
family has lived in Charleston for decades, and my husband and I grew up here. I
had never heard any of the stories we learned on the tour.
Highly recommend!
-- William Fair

***** Fun and Unique Tour!  

This tour is FANTASTIC and off the beaten path - for those who don't like large
groups, being herded, and variable quality of tour guides from big companies -
this is the tour for you. This is a small family owned business with TONS of
experience and they know this area better than anyone, having lived there for
several generations!

The tour is hilarious, quirky, and you'll learn how sex and booze really did control
the history of Charleston and influenced the nation! My wife and I love these
types of tours and this was one of the best.  Go with Black Cat Wicked and Ghost
-- M. Jackson
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